Investing in tomorrow’s technology, today.

Investing in Seed-Stage US and Canada based technology startups that are using emerging technologies to solve business challenges.

Our Approach

We’re living in an amazing time of rapid change.

As in several prior pivotal times in history, the convergence of new technologies are allowing innovators to introduce novel, yet simple to use solutions to age old real-world problems across all industries. New tech, or combinations or new tech allow for improvement in almost any and all aspects of life and business, large and small.

We’re seeking out and investing in these companies, as well as those which are inventing the next generation of new technologies.

80/20 split: We are targeting an approximate 80% companies using current tech to solve/improve existing problems or processes, vs 20% invention of the next generation of new technologies (i.e. true deep tech).

Tall Building

A Diversified, Curated Portfolio With One Check

While focusing on Southern California, we have have funded companies throughout United States, Canada, and Israel. Over 50% of Fund 1’s portfolio are outside of CA.

We invest into startups which we believe are “venture back-able”. Where we see strong possibility of them raising a large institutional venture backed round in 12-24 months at a significantly higher valuation.

The fund is open to individual accredited investors, family offices, institutional investors, trusts, self-directed IRA’s or pension accounts, as well as to Financial advisors/RIA looking to invest on behalf of their clients.

To learn more, contact us to receive our investor pitch-deck via email with no obligation.

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