Tensorfield Agriculture

Northern CA


Agricultural Tech

Tensorfield Agriculture is pioneering the commercial adoption of thermal micro dosing for weed control in vegetable crops. Based on research from the University of California, Davis and the University of Bonn-Landtechnik, the firm eradicates weeds using only heated vegetable oil.

Tensorfield’s machines operate semi-autonomously, with each machine plus operator equal to the throughput of a 40-person hand crew. The company’s mission is to build the next generation of agricultural machines with a focus on specialty row crops in a post-herbicide world. Based in the California Bay Area, they are a small founding team of highly specialized computer scientists and engineers trained at Stanford, Cambridge, Imperial College and SFU. The Tensorfield team has over 40 years of combined best-in-class industry experience working on robotics, integrated circuit design and computer vision with deep learning. The firm’s deep ties with the Shenzhen China manufacturing ecosystem via the SOSV/HAX Accelerator gives it unparalleled speed of execution to deliver working machines in an expeditious manner.