Pittsburgh, PA



PredxBio is a techbio company, headquartered in Pittsburgh, harnessing the power of spatial biology to unravel the hidden circuitries of the tumor microenvironment and leveraging the most advanced form of AI to get to the “Why?” of cancer. PredxBio is making a difference today in predicting patient response to immunotherapy with over 90% accuracy. Their ground-breaking platform aims to transform cancer care with next generation spatial analytics and explainable AI, thereby accelerating advancements in drug development and clinical trials. PredxBio empowers biopharma with solutions for efficient drug discovery, optimized clinical trials, advanced companion diagnostics, personalized therapeutic options, and enhanced clinical workflows. They have successfully established a strong pipeline of early customers, including pharmaceutical partners who leverage PredxBio solutions to investigate the "reasons" behind varying responses to therapy among patients in their clinical trials.