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OptimizeFT is a modern payment card solutions provider that is developing and managing next-generation credit, debit, and prepaid card programs for its corporate clients. The payment card industry is undergoing a major transformation as payment card functionality moves beyond simple account access. Many corporations are now using payment cards to streamline business processes, accelerate payments, optimize workforce efficiency, maximize customer engagement, and generate new revenue streams. This transformation is driving a significant market expansion that will generate $130 billion in 2021 revenues (U.S. market alone). This market expansion requires modern new technology platforms and vendors optimized for next-generation payment card products. OptimizeFT is addressing this market with an unmatched modern solutions platform that includes advanced card processing, innovative value-added features, full turnkey solutions, and optimized program management.

HQ Location/ Main facilities: Southern CA

Moodbit is the Snowflake for the Employee Experience. Using AI, we improve Employee Engagement, Productivity, and Retention, without the need to use surveys.

Moodbit is a powerful HR Tech platform allowing companies to track employee sentiment in real-time. The system integrates with an employee’s daily workflows by appearing as a chatbot on multiple thirdparty collaboration apps. Once available on the platform, it garners real-time data on employee emotions via clear mood indicators. The bot also offers useful hacks such as calming music and timely break alerts, significantly boosting engagement, productivity, and overall employee health.

Apera’s AI-powered 4D Vision Technology is a software solution to the 3D vision-guided robotics problem. Our software turns low-cost and off-the-shelf 2D cameras into the fastest and most accurate 3D vision solution in the market for industrial robots enabling them to perform complicated tasks like assembly or sorting that are otherwise performed by human workers.


A couple of short product demo clips:

Tensorfield Agriculture is pioneering the commercial adoption of thermal micro dosing for weed control in vegetable crops. Based on research from the University of California, Davis and the University of Bonn-Landtechnik, the firm eradicates weeds using only heated vegetable oil.
Tensorfield’s machines operate semi-autonomously, with each machine plus operator equal to the throughput of a 40-person hand crew. The company’s mission is to build the next generation of agricultural machines with a focus on specialty row crops in a post-herbicide world. Based in the California Bay Area, they are a small founding team of highly specialized computer scientists and engineers trained at Stanford, Cambridge, Imperial College and SFU. The Tensorfield team has over 40 years of combined best-in-class industry experience working on robotics, integrated circuit design and computer vision with deep learning. The firm’s deep ties with the Shenzhen China manufacturing ecosystem via the SOSV/HAX Accelerator gives it unparalleled speed of execution to deliver working machines in an expeditious manner.

Demo video

Zippity is solving the thorny and unresolved problem of poor customer interactions in the onsite service industry. Despite many software players existing in the home services space, there are few, if any, that are focused on the problem of service day customer experience. Consumer service marketplaces manage lead generation while traditional field service companies manage back office organization. However, the actual act of engaging with consumers (from scheduling through service completion) is still mostly an offline and frustrating process. Zippity solves this with its unique Service Empowerment Platform that enables customers and technicians to self-service and engage directly. This is a dramatic break from the status quo, solves a pressing problem in a unique way, and enables any service business to offer “on demand” convenience to its customers.

DepoDirect is a dynamic, remote deposition management platform, digitizing legal justice and accelerating the transformation of an archaic and inefficient workflow. DepoDirect combines AI based, real-time transcription and a secure legal video conferencing system, which increases overall efficiency and reduces customer costs by up to 75% compared to legacy services. The company’s platform provides a white-glove, concierge service whereby their technicians/reporters host clients’ depositions and operate all aspects of the platform for them, including video recording, IT support, live transcript editing, testimony playbacks and exhibit management.

Short Explainer video:

Link to tech stack demo

You can also try our Live Multi-lingual/Multi-dialectal ASR (beta version) here:

Kanari AI specializes in dialectal speech technology solutions, with an initial focus on Dialectal Arabic.

Gaudium is a generative AI company leading the development of a goal-driven and multi-model deep language engine with a focus on marketing, advertising, and sales. More specifically, the company’s proprietary AI engine (“CHARLIE”) is used to automate copywriting generation for sales and marketing. CHARLIE has the capability to create human-quality language that can be adjusted for many inputs such as tone, brand voice, and emotion. Using deep learning and natural language generation, CHARLIE can write creative messages in seconds, generate human-quality text, incorporate users’ keywords, and adjust for specified length and desired tone.

Drift is democratizing genetic sequencing for microbiology by building the best analysis software for the job: the Databricks of microbial genetics. They are building a system to replace the status quo with easy-to-use, fast, and highly automated systems that are engineered better than what exists today. They have already signed a first LOI and signed a testing agreement with a major microbiology lab at the University of Chicago.

From the company: “Right now, genetic sequencing analysis is a manual process with custom pipelines, open source projects, and expensive subject matter experts, which is a major bottleneck for adopting sequencing. We’re solving that by making software that’s scalable, easy to use, and performant so that anyone can buy and use a genetic sequencer without having to hire an expert just to get started.”

Neuronix AI Labs reduces computer-vision AI cost and power consumption by more than 95% making large-scale cloud & edge deployments cost-effective and enabling computer-vision applications on end-devices with limited compute or battery power.
The unique solution is the result of a multi-disciplinary approach combining the team’s deep expertise in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Video Compression, Parallel Computing and FPGA/ASIC design.
Neuronix has a prototype on AWS that proves the technology benefits are real and is working with top Compute technology & Cloud companies on integrating the technology onto their offering as the first step to market.

SipScience is an analytics company servicing the beverage alcohol industry. Our solution is a consumer app that enables contactless payments at bars & restaurants and offers a subscription model for 50% discounts on drinks – it’s the only platform with regulatory approval to offer on-premise alcohol discounts nationwide and is free of charge to venues. SipScience has successfully tested this platform ahead of conducting paid pilot projects with prominent alcohol brands.

Trailze is building the world’s first safety-focused navigation engine for micro vehicles. Using our patented ML technology, our routes prioritize safety without sacrificing time or distance. Our comprehensive SDKs allow our customers to instantly add real-time navigation to their products. We have a pilot with Bird and have

Micromobility has the potential to transform urban mobility, making our cities safer, cleaner, and human-focused. Trailze is well-positioned to empower micromobility to take over all aspects of car-centric mobility, from mass-market ridership, through urban delivery networks, to autonomous micro-vehicles and beyond.

Otis AI is an AI-driven digital marketing platform that allows small businesses to run effective marketing plans to reach and engage with their customers and acquire new customers, integrating with first party data to facilitate data-driven targeting and attribution.

Qase grows law firm revenues by instant-booking leads and automating fee collection. Our proprietary SaaS platform supports the full client acquisition lifecycle, incorporating search, messaging, document exchange, video chat, and payment. Qase is the only booking, intake & payments solution for both bar association referral services and the 250,000+ solo practitioners and small law firms in the US & Canada. Our goal is to build and monetize the world’s largest legal referral network, increasing access to justice for clients while improving the bottom line for lawyers and legal organizations.

Minerva CQ is the only solution that optimizes the interactions between customers and brands by augmenting the human touch with the power of Artificial Intelligence. Minerva makes any agent your best brand ambassador.

“We enable our clients to listen and respond more accurately to the voice of their customer,
Resulting in happier customers, more effective support teams, and ultimately, higher financial returns.”

CACTIVATE is a plug-and-play, autonomous marketing solution for small and medium-sized businesses and the first solution to fully supercharge the real-time prediction, creation, and optimization of new campaigns, ad sets, and ads. The company’s platform uses artificial intelligence to manage a business’ ads on Facebook and Instagram. CACTIVATE’s AI predicts a businesses’ best audience demographics, interests, lookalike, and retargeting strategies. Creating and managing campaigns is simple and automatic via CACTIVATE’s customized user dashboard. The platform auto-generates weekly and monthly reports with the most important metrics to help make data-driven decisions on how to improve. Users can easily understand the best performing creatives, audiences, interests, and their relationships with each other. CACTIVATE prides itself on being small-medium business friendly;

DigiBuild is the first construction blockchain software solution.

Digibuild merged construction management expertise with blockchain to create the world’s most revolutionary technology bringing risk management and visibility to construction projects.

The system comprises of 3 separate modules. Customers can implement the entire suite or specific product modules:
⦁ DigiProcure:
find, order and trach materials.
⦁ DigiVerify:
verifiable timeline and source of truth.
⦁ Digipay:
automate and accelerate contracts and payments.

DigiBuild employs 3-tiered business model:
⦁ SaaS subscription model creating a recurring revenue model
⦁ Incremental services such as charging for credit reports
⦁ Fees on transaction volumes and data

“We assess the health and performance of plants, one plant at a time, with deep learning and cameras.”

Continuous AI inspection digitalizes the health and performance of every plant from seed to harvest.

Bloomfield technology is an innovative, easy-to-use and cost-effective combination of ground-based image capture and deep learning-based processing to help growers precisely, efficiently, and affordably assess every plant.

Allstar is a fast growing early stage consumer tech company based in NYC focused on gaming content (Twitch meets TikTok).

We’re in good company, co-investing with Mark Cuban, among others.

Revolutionizing the design of MEMS devices in three dimensions. It’s a manufacturing process that could transform the $18 billion MEMS device market.

The founding team hails from Lumedyne, which was acquired by Google, and includes a hardware lead on quantum computing at Google and a Google X and Tesla manager. If the next generation of software is going to eat the world, it’s going to need a lot of hardware and sensing technologies to first understand it. That’s where Omnitron comes in. This is one of our deep-tech R&D type startups which are inventing the next generation of tech, which we sprinkle into the portfolio.

“AI-driven crop visibility tools to improve the performance of every plant in your farm.”

Adaviv is an MIT spin-off developing hardware-enabled, predictive-analytics for indoor farming. The company has developed systems to capture plant-level information and translate it into actionable insights for growers to prevent losses and continually improve the growth of each plant. For example, the company’s high-resolution machine vision and sensors continually search and detect plant stress, disease and vigor invisible to the human eye. The company’s software can then convert this type of plant-level data into useful key performance indicators (KPIs) and root-cause analyses.

KEY is a curated marketplace offering vetted vacation rentals, quality in-home services, and bespoke local experiences to make life easier and moments special, whether you’re traveling or at home. 

The rapidly growing short-term rental industry offers an exciting alternative to traditional hotel lodging. However, because this young industry is still developing, discerning travelers haven’t had a single, trusted brand to book vetted vacation rentals, quality in-home amenities, and curated local experiences. Furthermore, after returning home, busy locals with high standards but limited time and attention are hard-pressed to find an integrated platform to book curated local services that make life a little easier and moments special

Eva connects the most important aspects of your Amazon business into a single intuitive dashboard.  AI-Powered price management, restocking, reimbursements, and analytics. With Eva, you can focus on what’s important: growing your business and enjoying your freedom.

In 2014, Skyfront was founded by of team of physics PhD’s from Princeton to solve the flight time limitation and unlock the true economic potential of unmanned aerial vehicles. Service providers demanded a system that had the same range, endurance and function as a manned helicopter as well as reduced the cost of aerial data by 10X and maintained similar safety standards as in manned aviation. After months of research they arrived at hybrid-electric propulsion as the foundation for such a system.

After many iterations and tens of thousands of hours of research and development, the Perimeter was forged. It holds the unofficial world record for endurance among commercially available multirotors. Off the shelf, it can fly for 5 hours and carry up to 4 kilograms of payload, all while maintaining the same simplicity and ease of use that made the multirotor popular in the first place. With the Perimeter, missions that used to take days can now be performed in a single flight, enabling entire industries to scale their drone operations with ease.

Founded by Paul Allen, former founder and CEO of In 2018, he received funding from top investors to launch Soar–the next leading platform for human development. He built a dream team of coaching experts, software engineers, business leaders, digital marketers and AI strategists and thought-leaders, who all share a passion for the greatness of human Strengths. While they have some solid early traction with several large national associations, and over $50k in MRR (Monthly recurring revenue), this is a case where it is a play on an industry veteran with a big ideal and the credibility to pull it off. I must admit I would have blown this off if was any first-time founder, and am mostly investing based on Paul’s credibility.

Pixel Canvas is redefining digital events with their 3D immersive venue SaaS platform.  By combining the best of physical and digital worlds, professional exhibitors and corporate event organizers get higher ROI and greater engagement (which impacts top line) than 2D solutions like Hopin ($6B) or Filo.  And the events market is just the spearhead in an inevitable evolution of virtual venues impacting retail, entertainment, tourism, et. al.

Our first investment in the health-tech space. After several years of seeing many permutations of health-tech startups and passing.

Overview: Health Hero has built an AI-driven telehealth service that solves people’s needs (Social Determinants of Health). Supporting 3,800+ organizations around the world, $91K MRR, landed a DoD contract. We sell to employers, providers, and payers via a freemium + partner co-sell model. Distributing top-down via Microsoft, Salesforce, Cerner, Epic & their top system integrators/resellers. Minority-owned business with empathy & focus on the underrepresented. Co-investors include: Sequoia Capital (Scouts), Portfolia, 412 Venture Fund, a Crosslink Capital partner, & One Planet VC.


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Matchbook AI is an enterprise data integration, governance and management solution that delivers clean and relevant data across the enterprise. Matchbook AI is a SaaS platform deriving revenues based on annual subscription, implementation size, and features, in addition to a secondary revenue source from reselling commercial data that is accessed or sold through the platform. Our current SaaS licenses range from $45,000 – $250,000 per year.

Freatz provides growth recommendations to foodservice operators based on AI-driven analysis of extensive customer feedback. After successful launch and growth in Brazil, Freatz is now launching in the US. I was really impressed with both the background of the co-founder (Attorney and data scientists) and the sophistication, yet simplicity of the dashboard for restaurants, with the seamless incorporation of AI into the product.

Zenus leads the development of Ethical Facial Analysis. Our technology captures impressions, demographics, dwell time, and positive sentiment in any physical or virtual environment. We deploy our proprietary AI models on custom-made IoT devices that minimize bandwidth requirements and protect people’s privacy.

Marketers obtain live analytics to understand their audience and develop predictive models to forecast trends. They may also influence behavior in real-time with adaptive content at the point of purchase without crossing the privacy line. Our technology is loved by marketing professionals across the spectrum – from retail brands to business events and international airports.

Used by thousands of landlords across US & Canada, SingleKey is a digital platform that helps landlords make more informed decisions when selecting a tenant and managing their risk. SingleKey protects landlords by offering (i) a Tenant Credit & Background Check Report to screen prospective tenants, and (ii) a Rent Guarantee program that guarantees rental income to landlords for up to 12 months when tenants don’t pay, covers property damages up to $10,000, and all legal fees related to an eviction. SingleKey offers landlords peace of mind and financial stability while saving thousands in tenant delinquency costs.

Acquicent provides turnkey solutions for the issuance and trading of blockchain tokens that attach to digital and real-world assets. The company helps brands and asset owners obtain liquidity and new revenue from their assets while offering entirely new forms of ownership for enthusiasts and investors.

ABCS Insights make media more valuable. Publishers are hurting today because of low accountability. Instead of real-world outcomes, media is sold based on signals. When media is sold based on outcomes, advertisers are willing to pay more. ABCS helps publishers maximize revenues through transparency. ABCS owns one of the largest single-source data panels in the US. 

FanAI helps brands understand and measure sponsorship impact on sales using unique insights to maximize their investments.

Our mission is to help brands realize the true value of sponsorships by proving their impact on sales.

And our vision is to be the leader in optimizing brand marketing performance.

Trusstor is a next-generation on-site command & control system powered by real-time location and site condition sensors, creating a safer and more productive working environment for the construction industry. Led by professional domain experts and leading technological minds, the company designed its solution to significantly enhance construction site management without creating additional overhead to operators’ already intensive daily operations. Trusstor’s products were designed with hundreds of industry-leading partners with a key vision in mind – simple solutions for complex problems.

Open Sesame is one of the top startups to graduate from the joint Quake Capital/Deutsche Telekom 5G accelerator program. The company has developed a technology platform that addresses the issue of latency – a huge challenge in fields such as fintech, education, telecom, digital collaboration, and others. Open Sesame has developed a platform called ‘Genie’ that allows carriers to sell the emotional benefits of 5G to consumers. Its launch application with the carriers that use Genie is called ‘World Karaoke’ – a voice-first social singing experience that uses the extreme low latency of 5G to allow people to sing together when they are not together. The company has gained early traction with four of the Tier 1 telco’s (Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefonica, and KDDI).

Wyvern’s mission is to provide actionable intelligence from space anywhere in the solar system to enable a sustainable future for humanity. It does this by creating satellites which use proprietary optical technology that provides 16x’s higher resolution hyperspectral imagery than other satellites. Additionally, the Company’s satellites cost significantly (up to 100x’s) less than traditional models. This is possible because of proprietary deployable optics hardware which helps capture higher resolution images for a massive reduction in satellite cost. Wyvern’s satellites have immediate applications in multiple industries including agriculture, forestry, energy, environmental monitoring, sustainability, and defense.

Automotus’ curb management solutions help cities (Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Miami, Omaha), airports, fleets (Amazon, Doordash, Lyft), and businesses increase revenue while creating more sustainable, equitable streets. The company’s three main products/services are: (i) Analytics and Data Collection –  allows access to real-time curb and traffic activity across freight, ride hailing, delivery, and passenger vehicles, and buses, e-scooters, bikes, and pedestrians, (ii) Automated Payment – makes payment for time spent at the curb seamless for all users, including freight, ride hailing, and food delivery vehicles, and (iii) Automated Enforcement – automatically alerts enforcement officers of violations in real time or sends citations directly to vehicle owners.

Breakthru launched as a tool to help organization thrive in hybrid work, by delivering a shareable system of immersive microbreaks. The app allows users to clear their head, find inspiration, and breathe with a guided system of two-minute movement-based breaks. Further, users can choose joy, energy, centeredness, or confidence as themes. Designed to unlock individual wellbeing & high performing teams, Breakthru’s processes are scientifically proven to  increase engagement, improve focus and foster connection. Seed funded by Microsoft, Breakthru is the top productivity app in Microsoft Teams today, and has a freestanding web offering that links to Slack and Zoom.

GrowFlux is a data and automation platform that modernizes greenhouses and indoor farms with reliable plug and play IoT connectivity, cloud enabled automation, software APIs. The company’s platform empowers growers and equipment manufacturers by providing rapidly deployable, self-installing controls and intuitive web applications to scale resource efficient greenhouses and indoor farms. By eliminating the complex and time-consuming steps of integrating custom automation systems, GrowFlux is accelerating the agrifood revolution in indoor farms and greenhouses globally with over one hundred active installations in eight countries. 

Founded in 2021, Binarly brings decades of research experience identifying hardware and firmware security weaknesses and threats. Based in Pasadena, California, Binarly’s agentless, enterprise-class AI-powered firmware security platform helps protect from advanced threats below the operating system. The company’s technology solves firmware supply chain security problems by identifying vulnerabilities, malicious firmware modifications, and providing firmware SBOM visibility without access to the source code. Binarly’s cloud-agnostic solutions give enterprise security teams actionable insights and reduce the cost and time to respond to security incidents.

C2RO™ is a leading global provider of GDPR-compliant AI-SaaS Video Analysis of human behavior in the physical space. The company’s proprietary edge-cloud AI and computer vision technologies are uniquely architected to use existing security cameras to deliver industry-leading flexibility, scalability, and accuracy while being fully compliant with the most restrictive data privacy regulations, including the EU’s GDPR and North America’s PIPEDA. This gives C2RO’s customers and partners the confidence to use its solutions knowing they are safe and do not pose a risk to their customers.

Forcen is a Tier 1 manufacturer of complete Force/Torque Sensing Systems and Edge Intelligence for World-Leading Robotics OEMs. The company exists to create the tactile intelligence that will allow robotics and AI companies to tackle critical labor shortages (especially in fields such as medicine, warehouses, and skilled manufacturing) and to make tactile intelligence as scalable, simple to implement, and capable as possible.

Insured Nomads

A global work revolution is underway during a time of significant uncertainty around the world – from health, safety, security, natural disaster, mental health and beyond. We are using AI technology to empower safe and intelligent remote work and leisure travel. Cashless insurance as a service, embedded API integrations, GPS tracking for transient work teams, ancillary travel support features, engaging community support within an intuitive and simplified customer journey.

We make your travel as safe and smart as staying home. Remote work is here to stay and sadly, so is global uncertainty – we are uniquely designed for the future of work and look forward to visiting with you.